Aber CompSci Timetable Generator

Michael Sheldon (mike at mikeasoft dot com)

All data is currently for Semester 2 2006. Select your modules to generate your timetable:

Year 1

CI18010 - Professional And Personal Development
CS12420 - Software Development
CS15220 - An Introduction To Communications And Telematics
CS152Pa - Practical Group A
CS152Pb - Practical Group B
CS152Pc - Practical Group C
CS152Pd - Practical Group D
CS15820 - Web Programming
CS18010 - Professional And Personal Development
CS18110 - Professional And Personal Development with AI Concepts

Year 2

CS21120 - Program Design, Data Structures And Algorithms
CS22120 - The Software Development Life Cycle
CS22310 - User Centred Design And Human Computer Interaction
CS25510 - Computer Hardware
CS255Pa - Practical Group A
CS255Pb - Practical Group B
CS255Pc - Practical Group C
CS255Pd - Practical Group D
CS25610 - The Internet: Telematic Application Design And Construction
CS26210 - The Artificial Intelligence Toolbox - Part II: Programming In An Uncertain World
CS27020 - Database Management Systems
CS27420 - Commercial Database Applications

Year 3

CS32310 - Advanced Computer Graphics
CS34210 - Visualisation
CS35910 - Internet Services Administration
CS359Pa - Practical Group A
CS359Pb - Practical Group B
CS359Pc - Practical Group C
CS359Pd - Practical Group D
CS359Pe - Practical Group E
CS359Pf - Practical Group F
CS359Pg - Practical Group G
CS359Ph - Practical Group H
CS359Pi - Practical Group I
CS36510 - Space Robotics
CS38010 - Professional Issues In Software Engineering
CS39030 - Major Project
CS39110 - Minor Project
SE33010 - Formal Methods In Software Engineering
SE36010 - Engineering Knowledge Based Systems
SE39220 - Distributed Systems Project

Year 4

SEM1020 - Current Issues In Software Engineering
SEM3120 - M.Eng Software Engineering Group Design Project
SEM9060 - Meng Project


I can't guarantee this will be 100% correct or up to date so anyone using it might want to double check their results (and feel free to email me any corrections).